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The MusICian Chronicles


Curious about life as a working musician with physical limitations? Want to know more about how music can enrich your life as a chronic illness or injury sufferer? Get intrigued by a research study or project I mentioned in a blog post? Well look no further. I frequently share useful information on these topics, along with credible research I have found to support it here to make your search for facts findable all in one place! 


First and foremost, The MusICian Chronicles is a blog. Here I share my personal experiences & stories, provide guidance and support, open a community for musicians and chronic illness & injury sufferers alike, share both tears and laughs, and empower others to survive and thrive despite their limitations!


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Find the tools you need to play & feel your best, practice self-care, dive into clean living, enjoy a much-needed rest, and make everyday life a little easier.

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Katherine Lewis  
Founder’s Story 


Life has a funny way of guiding our actions and shaping our future. My trajectory drastically changed in 2016 when I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. I suffer from Interstitial Cystitis (IC for short), a complex inflammatory disease of the bladder. My other diagnoses include Endometriosis, SI joint dysfunction, migraines, and spinal stenosis.


In the blink of an eye, everything from how I ate to what I wore,  family, social life & career looked completely different. I thought I was the only musician with this kind of story. But the more I shared my experiences & got to know others in the music community, the more I realized I was far from alone. At every turn, it seemed, there were others navigating similar challenges and working to overcome the same unique hurdles I'd faced. On the other side were countless fellow chronic illness and injury warriors searching for an outlet for strength and joy along their journey. Music was their answer.


 Immediately, I saw an opportunity. I had a unique chance to share with other musicians experiencing chronic ilness & injury what I have learned along my way and provide a community of support & empowerment for them to thrive despite their limitations. My mission of educating teachers, colleagues, and students of the chronically ailing musician grew. And the goal of opening the world of music to the chronically ill through the eyes of those of us who have been in their shoes developed. With my background in music performing, teaching, and music therapies, I use a versatile approach to sharing stories, providing strategies, building relationships, & empowering others to not only survive but thrive with chronic illness.


And with that, The MusICian Chronicles was born. A combination of my passion (music), most prevalant condition (IC), and the communities I hope to reach (musicians and chronic warriors alike), The MusICian Chronicles is a webpage, blog, social media platform, and community dedicated to the support, education, empowerment, and joy of chronic musicians everywhere. Welcome, all!  

Frequently asked questions

I'm a healthy musician. Cal I still get something out of The MusICian Chronicles?

First of all, hooray for good health!

But just because you are healthy doesn't mean my site & blog can't benefit you. Short answer: YES you can gain something from The MusICian Chronicles!
Whether you're a teacher, performer, student, or recreational musician, you are almost 100% certain to encounter a musician that ISN'T healthy at some point. Or you may sustain an injury during your life. Regardless, knowing the stories from those who have gone through it, and learning about the ins and outs of a life and career with it, can give you a boatload of resources to educate, support, encourage, and learn from those around you! Isn't that the spirit of music anyway?

I'm not healthy, but I'm not a musician. Can I still get something out of The MusICian Chronicles?

Welcome, fellow warrior! Again, YES you can get something from my site & blog! I talk a LOT about life as a chronic illness & injury warrior daily: the ups, downd, ins & outs, tips & tricks, do's, don'ts, treatments, frustrations, triumphs, and a few laughs along the way! And, I throw in a bit about how music has been shown to benefit guys and gals like you and me, and how it can be a huge tool for your journey to enjoying life despite your limitations!

Where did the name The MusICian Chronicles come from?

I talk in detail about this in the "Founder's Story" section above (take a looksie and get to know me more!). But essentially it came from a combination of the three things that made up the idea for this site: 1. I'm a musician
2. The abbreviation for my most significant condition is IC (short for Interstitial Cystitis)
3. A great deal of my material involves stories of some kind (aka stories), and it just so happened to that the word 'chronicles' had an extra bit of irony to it

If I join the email list, how often will I receive emails?

I send emails out twice a month. The ONLY exception is if I have an extra blog post or special event. I don't believe in sending a bunch of emails and flooding your inbox. In the end, it's frustrating and kind of annoying.

I'd love to hear from you!

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